About Us

The “GIRLS RAMIFICATION EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION TRUST” (GREAT) is a registered non-profit charitable trust and the Registration No.58/BK4/2000 dated 3rd February 2000. The Trust is a non-political, non-religious, nonprofit charitable organization functioning at Vellore District in Tamil Nadu, South India.

The main objective of the Trust is to promote education, Technical education, health development, Women Empowerment, socio-economic upliftment, community development particularly to the ignorant people of undeveloped remote villages and urban villages to make them better citizens irrespective of caste, religion and sex.

Our Founder

Legal Status

Legal StatusRegistered under Indian Charitable Trust Act
Date of Registration3rd February 2000
Trust Registration No.58/BK4/2000
Income Tax ExemptionRegistered under Income Tax Act (1961) 12AA & 80G(5)(vi)
NGO Darpan ID.TN/2018/0184396
FCRA Registration No.075980307


To ensure social justice, economic and educational and political enhancement to the disadvantaged sections of the society, focusing on women and children, through developing mechanism aiming at service delivery and capacity building.


To impart useful and educative information in all matters affecting social, economical, cultural and scientific life to the public in general and particularly to the ignorant people of undeveloped remote villages, urban, town and to youngsters to make them better citizens.

Our Objectives

In order to realize our vision, we have adopted the following mission objectives:

  • To start and run, maintain, administrate Industrial Training Institutes, Industrial training centre, schools to promote education to the underprivileged persons from the remote villages.
  • To effectively organize functional literacy adult education program, Non-formal education and social awareness.
  • To promote health programs and teach and propagate preventive health care, health education, family planning, immunization program etc.,
  • To start and maintain hospitals, Nursing aide training and other Technical Training courses.
  • To start women sangams (SHGS) and conduct women’s awareness meetings.
  • To promote women education. The service of the Trust shall be extended to all people irrespective of caste, religion and sex.
  • To conduct environment awareness programs
    To conduct Aids awareness programs. To start HIV/AIDS counselling centres.
    To open handicraft centres for boys and girls and to teach them useful handicrafts like carpentry, Typewriting, Computer Trainings, Typewriting and small cottage industries.
    To start adult education and non-formal education and run schools for the benefit of illiterate adults.
    To open orphanages and hostels