GREAT Trust is creating environmental awareness among the rural people and school students, planting tree saplings in school campus, conducting awareness camps on environment and carry out related activities on environmental issues with a view to protect the existing nature and to bring the people with environmental awareness in future with the intention to control the global warming at least in future.

Nowadays due to lack of awareness on the environment especially tree and its uses among the people they were simply cutting the existing trees for their fuel purpose as well as for their income generation opportunities. With the intention to promote awareness on the environment among the people and to protect the existing nature and also to control global warming.

We encourage and doing the following activities in our project area

  • Tree Plantation activities
  • To conduct environmental education programmes to school students with the intention to bring them with a clear awareness of the environment
  • Organizing awareness programmes on the environment to all category
  • Conducting rally on the environment in all the areas to promote clear awareness of the environment to People.
  • To involve, train and practice the rural people to safeguard water resources, natural resources and tree plantation.